Facebook Censors Haunted Houses Entertainment Page!

Good Morning Ghouls, Some Of You May Or May Not Know That Facebook Has Decided To Censor Our Facebook Page Haunted Houses With Over 628,000 Fans Worldwide Because They Consider Paranormal Entertainment To Be Fake News. We Are Extremely Upset About This Cyber Attack, It Took Us 5 Years To Build Such A Beautiful Organic Community Of Loyal Horror Fans. So Now We Need Your Help Ghouls By Taking Action & Filing Complaints With The Better Business Bureau, Letting Them Know That Facebook Has Violated Our First Amendment Rights Of Freedom Of Press & Have Ruined My Haunt Business, Left Me Unemployed With Extreme Depression & Anxiety With No Way To Feed My Family At The Moment. Please Take A Stand For What’s Right Friends By Protesting Against Facebook & Emailing Them At Press@fb.com Stating That You Guys Want Haunted Houses Facebook Page Back Now & Reporting It To BBB.Org Immediately. We Have Been In Contact With Our Lawyers & Are Still Considering A Major Lawsuit As Well As Getting A Petition Going For You Guys To Sign, Please Share This Story With Your Friends To Show The World The Injustice We Have Endured By Mark Zuckerberg & His Facebook Support Team, #WeBelieveInGhosts!

File A Complaint Against Facebook For The Haunted Houses Organization At http://BBB.Org