Okiku’s Well, Himeji, Japan!

Okiku’s Well, Himeji, Japan!

Looming over the surrounding city of Himeji, in Hyogo Prefecture, The Himeji Castle would be an impressive enough sight without the added lure of a spookily famous well contained within its massive grounds. Not only is Okiku’s Well said to be #Haunted, the tale behind the #Ghost is as #Spooky as they come, involving a servant girl who caught the eye of a married samurai who used her job tending a set of very important plates against her to try to force her to be his mistress. She refused, so he killed her by throwing her body down the well, A sad horrible death, to be sure, but she got revenge from beyond the grave, Haunting the samurai’s nights until he went insane. Okiku’s story has remained popular in Japan, inspiring stage productions, video games, and #Horror film Ringu, as well as its American remake, The Ring. The well where she’s said to have drowned remains at Himeji Castle along with her spirit.

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