The Top 5 Creepiest Carnival Rides! 

The Haunted House

These Carnival Haunted Houses are not super scary & don’t have crazy live actors trying to grab your face but they are still lots of fun. You usually sit in a creepy car that takes you on a small zig zag journey through a haunting dark place with eerie animatronics, foggy clouds and terrifying music. It’s safe to say these Haunted Houses are certainly very spooky. Riding along these surprisingly old dark horrifying houses is surely enough to creep you out for the night.

The Spider

The fear of this ride comes from the long history of bad accidents that have happened. It looks harmless, but being in one of the 8 spinning cars attached to eight long arms, moving up and down randomly might also prompt some major nausea issues for riders.

The Skywheel

The Skywheel is way scarier than it looks. At first glance, it looks like a mild ferris wheel, but then you get on and realize it’s much scarier than it really looks. Two ferris wheels spin independently of each other, The Skywheel then rotates with major drops that leave you falling from the very top. The Sky Wheel became a popular carnival ride in the 1960’s, Many folks enjoyed riding the double wheel into the 80s. These days it is rarely seen at carnivals due to high maintenance and transportation costs, safety doesn’t appear to be an issue with The Skywheel unlike The Tagada.

The Tagada

You will not find this extreme ride in the USA. The Tagada is a ride where the riders take a seat in a rounded bowl that have no seat belts or restraints. So what keeps people from falling out? There are bars behind the riders that they grab onto and hold on for dear life. The ride begins with simple spinning much like The Gravitron. Then the music jam starts and hydraulic arms begin to bounce, forcing the riders to bounce up and down from their seats. It’s the responsibility of the riders to keep themselves from falling out the ride & thrown out of their seats. The Tagada is operated manually by a technician as they synchronize The Tagada with the music. In some cases riders will be informed it has ended. Then the riders will get up to exit and the technician will start the bouncing again causing everyone on the ride to go back down. The Tagada rides are often associated with a lot of personal injuries to the visitors, along with ejections and even multiple broken bones in the middle of the ride. A number of traveling carnivals have banned The Tagada Forever

The Zipper

The Zipper hit the carnival scene around the 60s, it has individual caged in cars that each rotate along a frame that spins around like a Ferris wheel. The Zipper isn’t fast, but with the rocking and inverted motions, thrill seekers experience prompt bursts of speed flipping the cars completely over. The Zipper is enough to put anyone slightly claustrophobic into a sudden panic attack when they first lock you in the small cage.

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