The Haunted Ship House, India! 

The Haunted Ship House, India!

The Hauntingly Beautiful Ship House of Jodhpur is located on the edge of the Thar desert and the only thing that you can be seen around this city of sand dunes. It was built in 1886 AD by the Raja who decided to have a new palace for himself to provide some novelty to his citizens, the building was shaped in the form of a ship, The people of Jodhpur found this new building interesting and it provided small talk to the town but The Ship House quickly was abandoned. It so happened that this Ship House was located towards the eastern periphery of the city & in these deserts, dry winds blow from west to east. This weather phenomenon posed a health related problem to the Raja, he abandoned this fancy building and went back to his ancient palace in Mehrangarh. Later on in the century The Ship House served as a radio station in 1949, Some of the best classical musicians have graced this building in the past. Now it wears a haunted look & gives the locals an eerie feeling, Many folks living in the vicinity of this building do not go near it & have experienced paranormal activities & strange sounds at The Ship House. 

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