The Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Los Angeles, California!

  The Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Los Angeles, California

In southeast Los Angeles county, just South of downtown LA, you’ll find the city of Downey. In Downey there used to be a ranch called Rancho Los Amigos, and in 1888 a hospital opened on the ranch called the County Poor Farm, which provided treatment to the poor and mentally ill. While part of the hospital is still in operation, the mental health wards were abandoned in the 1950s, but the buildings still stand today. Despite trespassing warnings, thrill-seekers have been known to explore these abandoned buildings and there have been sightings of hospital patients roaming the halls. In 2006 there were some military personnel using the buildings for some drills and they found an old freezer inside that contained legs, feet, and other body parts, yikes!

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