Gonjiam Sanitarium, Gwangju, South Korea!

  Gonjiam Sanitarium, Gwangju, South Korea

Gonjiam is located in Gwangju, South Korea and is notorious for its ominous title as one of the creepiest places in the world. The place reeks of insanity, and we give you a behind the heavy metal doors look at this house for the crazy. The walls in Ganjiam Mental Hospital could tell stories that would make the bravest men cringe, and nearly twenty years ago its inhabitants deserted the premises. The reasons why are not completely clear, but the possible explanations are wide ranging and all ghoulish. The most popular tale explaining the desertion of Ganjiam is that the head doctor, who was insane himself, held his fellow crazies as experimental subjects, torturing them as he saw fit. He then fled to the United States some time around 1996, if you believe the story that is. The front gates at the former psych detention facility are good indicators of the type of people it caged in, draped with barbed wire and rusted orange. It is now closed to the public, but some still manage to find their way inside. Another explanation for why Ganjiam is no longer in operation is the mysterious deaths of multiple patients in the mid-90’s. Death is never good for business, even at a place made for the criminally insane. The dense Korean jungle environment in Gwangu is home to vicious blood sucking insects, so wear your bug screen. The number of mentally ill in the world are only growing as we learn how to properly diagnose problems that were previously chalked up to “insanity” only. Seeing these type of mental hospitals are not only creepy and eerie, but reminders of how the crazies have been cast out from society, not treated properly.

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