The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England! 

  The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England! 

Built in the 12th Century, the Ancient Ram Inn is arguably the most haunted building in Britain. Constructed on an ancient Pagan burial ground in Gloucestershire, the Inn is believed to have been the location of numerous suicides, satanic rituals and child sacrifices. The Humphries family, who have lived in the building for over half a century, claim that objects regularly move, ghostly figures can be seen and that childrens’ screams can be heard. Also, somewhat bizarrely, some guests claim to have been pushed onto the bed and groped by the randy, mythical, sex-demon known as Incubus. John Humphries believes that the home is inhabited by as many as 20 spirits in total. Given that there are more ghosts than rooms, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that some visitors have gone as far as jumping out of the building’s windows as means of escaping their paranormal tormentors. For some, however, escape would be an even more difficult process; indeed, Humphries has stated that eight people who have stayed in the building have since been exorcized.

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