The Mystic Motel, Ladera Ranch, California!

 The Mystic Motel, Ladera Ranch, California

Way up in the hills of Ladera Ranch, California, in the middle of a quiet suburban neighborhood, Scott and Ashton D’Avanzo have built one of the most elaborate father and son projects ever. It’s called The Mystic Motel, and it gets a lot of media attention, because, unlike most home Haunts, this one features a fully functioning dark ride at the conclusion of its walk through Abandoned motel tour. The Mystic Motel has a video pre show that explains the backstory On the motel being built in 1955 located in the sun bathed and cactus infested desert along US Route 66. A hot spot through the 1970s, the motel was eventually abandoned and forgotten until Jack Turner purchased it for its mysterious activities. Jack knew he could make a buck off folks daring enough to take a ride through its mysterious basement. With parts of the motel actually caving through the basement ceiling, some of the motel’s visitors have never left. Jack kept one of the original maintenance workers Charlie on staff to scare off any vandals. Only riders of Mystic Motel will figure out why Charlie has gone so crazy. After the video, you enter the motel. The apparitions throughout The Mystic Motel are in various stages of materialization and awareness of what they have survived as they are wandering the halls, as you pass the gift shop, you get to the ride. A very small scale, self powered dark ride, The Mystic Motel’s basement tour is an ingenious use of space and classic dark ride gags. When The Mystic Motel comes back again don’t hesitate to make a reservation.
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