W.H. Dorrance Manor, Camden, New York! 

 W.H. Dorrance #Haunted Manor, Camden, New York!

This historical stunning home is more than rare! This property has been placed on the National Register or Historic Places! Beautiful covered porch welcomes you as you take a step back in time! Gorgeous stained glass, gleaming hardwood floors, large walk up attic with an irregularly massed 2 1/2-story wood-frame structure in the Queen Anne style. It features an engaged circular tower with conical roof. Built in 1880, this Queen Anne style home seems to have everything and then some, Strangely, this house has been on the market in New York since 2010, and is priced at the unbelievably low amount of $105,000, So why hasn’t it sold yet? The mansion hasn’t left the market because everyone thinks it’s Haunted. In 2013 a Google van captured something sinister in its camera lens, something bad enough to scare away any potential buyer. The pictures revealed ghostly hand prints pressed against the top story glass windows after the original photos were taken. No one can actually figure out exactly how the hand prints were made since the house has been totally vacant for many years!


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