The Holmes Murder Castle, Chicago!

  The Holmes Murder Castle, Chicago!

The owner of this old hotel, Dr. Henry Howard Holmes was born Herman Webster Mudgett. He was a motivated student who graduated with a surgical degree, though rumors swirled about his after hours activities. It was said he spent his nights in the morgue disfiguring corpses for sport. By the time Mudgett moved from New Hampshire to Chicago in 1885, He now went by Holmes, and had married and abandoned three wives without bothering to divorce any of them. In Chicago he ran a pharmacy and across the street from it, erected an elaborate home for himself. Which would later become infamously known as Holmes’s Murder Castle. Police discovered the sick torture maze and were disgusted. Only 9 deaths have been confirmed but speculation estimated that over 200 murders have occurred in this old hotel. Henry Holmes was executed in 1896 & his castle was burnt down to the ground by an arsonist, some say he was Jack The Ripper & Many of the locals believe the grounds are still #Haunted today.

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