Ann Starrett Mansion, Port Townsend, Washington State!

Ann Starrett Mansion, Port Townsend, Washington State
An enduring monument to love, this beautiful Queen Anne Victorian mansion was built in 1899 by George Starrett for his new wife Ann. They lived happily together in the mansion for the rest of their lives, and the house stayed in the family for some time before finally becoming the bed and breakfast it is today. The house exhibits a great deal of paranormal activity, some of which has been attributed to George and Ann, but the majority of activity is continuously linked to the nanny they hired to look after their only child, Edward. Both George and Ann have been seen throughout the house, but it is the nanny who has been seen and felt. She’s generally pleasant, but can take offense to certain people. She’s been known to make pictures fall off of walls, pages of books turn, and to create extreme cold spots. Lights get turned off when they’re left on in empty rooms and has been known to thump guests on the head for offensive remarks.

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