Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, Washington State!

 Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, Washington State

Inspired by chateaux in the French Renaissance style, this beautiful former mansion, now a hotel was completed in 1892 at the behest of Prussian born Charles Eisenbeis. It was originally supposed to be a hotel, but this business venture fell through so Eisenbeis turned it into his family’s home. It remained empty for a couple of decades after his death and eventually became a Jesuit school, before finally achieving its original purpose as a hotel. While throughout the building there are instances of electrical devices switching on and off, and doors opening and closing on their own, it seems to be the third floor that’s the most haunted. Footsteps and voices are often heard on this floor, but room 306 is the most active. A female apparition has been seen and felt quite often here. She especially likes to go through guests’ belongings and usually moves things around; she’s often heard singing in the bathroom as well. The dining room and former chapel, also a dining area now, are also active, with apparitions of Eisenbeis’ wife Kate often seen, and reports of glasses being knocked over or shattering much talked about.
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