The Pirate’s House, Savannah Georgia!

The Pirate’s House, Savannah, Georgia

Known as the city’s oldest house, this structure dates back to 1753 when it was first used as a private residence. Sometime later in the century it became a tavern and inn, which it remained for many decades. Today, the building is used as a restaurant, with the former inn space on the second floor used for storage. During its time as a tavern and inn, it was mostly frequented by mariners and others of a rough sort. It was apparently the site of many shanghaiing episodes where privateers would get men drunk or drug them so that they could secret them away through a tunnel and to their ships, pressing their victims into service. Today, many spirits from this time period still frequent the establishment. Apparitions are often seen on the second floor and laughter is heard there as well. The first floor and basement are also very active, with chairs and place settings being rearranged in the dining rooms and people reporting being suddenly overcome by cold and nausea.
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