The Grill House & Rock Bottom Bar, Allegan Michigan!

The Grill House & Rock Bottom Bar, Allegan Michigan

The Grill House was built in 1836 by Samuel Hubbard, a Massachusetts Supreme Court justice who had interests in real estate. Hubbard’s Boston Company was granted 25,000 acres and eventually developed the town of Allegan. Used as a company headquarters and boarding house for area lumberjacks, it was the first local public lodging and watering hole. Today, Hubbard’s farmhouse holds the Grill House, a restaurant which offers patrons the option of grilling their own steaks. The Rock Bottom Bar seats up to 70 people downstairs. A whiskey drinker haunts the Grill House and Rock Bottom Bar, and the restaurant owns and acknowledges this presence on its website. According to legend, in 1847, a lumberjack was killed in a barroom knife fight. His body was buried on the property in an unmarked grave, and it is believed it is his spirit that haunts the bar. The restaurant staff has named their ghostly presence “Jack,” and claims he moves chairs, dims lights, changes the station on the radio, opens and closes doors, and drinks whiskey. The Rock Bottom’s owner states “On rare occasions a single shot of whiskey, Jack’s drink of choice, will even be found sitting on the Rock Bottom bar, acting as a haunting reminder of our supernatural companion.”

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