The Chateau Nottebohm Castle, Antwerp, Belgium!

 The Chateau Nottebohm Castle, Antwerp, Belgium

The park estate with castle and outbuildings was built in 1908-1909 by Ferdinand Otto Nottebohm. The family Nottebohm was a very prominent family in Antwerp, and is known for its numerous initiatives in health care, with both in Antwerp and in Brecht an institute for skin diseases. In 1901, the “Hospital for Skin Diseases” was founded in Brecht by Maria Amalia Nottebohm Van Laer. The castle domain was built as a country retreat for the family Nottebohm-Kreglinger and was inhabited until 1943, on a regular basis in that way. During World War II the castle was taken in use by the German army. After the war, the family only sporadically spent their vacation here. In the 1950s the castle was rented as hotel and restaurant. Afterwards it was mostly empty. In the 1980’s the estate was set for sale, without any result. Years of vacancy caused a neglected condition of the exterior and the interior mostly disappeared.
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