Erebus, Pontiac, Michigan

  Erebus, Pontiac, Michigan

It’s a little-known fact that haunted house designers can go to trade shows throughout the year to select new props and costumes to scare the multitudes the next Halloween. But Erebus is located in an area that is perhaps the Halloween capital of the country, if not the world, so there’s a lot of competition between attractions. (There’s a reported 70 haunts within a 50-mile radius.) According to Hauntworld, 95% of the props and sets are created in-house at Erebus, which means you won’t see it anywhere else. The attraction is also one of the few full-contact haunted houses, meaning the actors could grab you, bite you, and even try to bury you alive. It’s set up under the guise of a time machine gone wrong, with each group of guests a new set of guinea pigs for the experiment. The attraction is four stories of frights, and was the longest attraction until it was dethroned in 2009.

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