The Dent Haunted Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio!

  The Dent Haunted Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Dent Schoolhouse is a popular attraction not just because of its sets and actors, but also because it’s the focus of haunted lore. The school did actually shut down in the 1950s, and local lore claims it’s because several students went missing, presumably at the hands of the school’s janitor, Charlie McFee. Not everyone is a believer, but the building’s owners won’t tell you otherwise — it adds to the suspense that draws 30,000 visitors each year. “We set Dent Schoolhouse up to be like a movie,” co-owner Bud Stross said in an interview with America Haunts. “You, the audience member, relive the horror of the schoolhouse and what Charlie McFee did to the students. From start to finish, our customers are engulfed by the building and its history. Before you even buy a ticket, guests are met by actors playing locals who are crazed by the grisly landmark in their town.” According to Hauntworld, “It’s like hopping into a real horror movie that you get to take part in.”
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