How To Make A Floating Ghost!

 How To Make A Floating Ghost!

Your kids will be delighted by this cheesecloth ghost in weird postures this Halloween. Easy to make with inexpensive materials from the craft store, these ghosts are sure to liven up the spooky scene at your house. You will need some cheesecloth, which can be found in your local grocery store if the craft store doesn’t carry it, felt, cornstarch, and water. A few simple steps and your house will be haunted in no time. First thing you are going to do is cover your work station with a towel. Starch is easily washable, but it gets messy if you don’t cover up your area. Form the Ghost with a styrofoam ball on top of a soda bottle, Use some wire to make arms. Lay the white cheesecloth over your Ghost. Spray it down with starch. I use a spray bottle so I can control how much starch I use, The more starch the stiffer your Ghost. Use a fan or hair dryer to make the drying time faster, Once it is completely dry remove it and glue on some black eyes. 

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