The Abijah Thomas House, Virginia!

 The Abijah Thomas House is an historic octagon house located southwest of Marion, Virginia, United States, on VA 657. Built in 1856, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 28, 1980. The house was completed in 1857, for Abijah Thomas of Smyth County, who was a property and slave owner, and the owner of a textile plant. The house and the property around it consisted of 400 acres, and was assessed at being worth $5,000 in 1857. The house has sat abandoned for many years and is currently owned by a local resident who seeks to renovate it back to its historical style. Ghosts have been reported as being seen on site, specifically in the home’s storage room, called the “dark room,” by locals. Reports have claimed the appearance of abused slaves, including the sound of shackles moving and blood dripping down interior walls. Despite local beliefs that slaves were abused within the “dark room,” historian Mark Sturgill believes that stains on the floorboards of the storage room were caused by food spills from canned jars kept in the room, not from blood stains.

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